Milos rent a buggy or a Atv

Where to do a buggy tour in Milos Island?


There are many guided tours that you can manage to drive a buggy and touring in Milos Greece.
The Milos regions where you can schedule and make a safe touring with a buggy are being described below:
• From Adamas main town and eastern up to Apollonia village
• From Adamas via Triovasalos village, Plaka and northern up to Pathiena bay and Firopotamos
• From Adamas via Hivadolimni village and Western up to Aghios Nikolaos (before the bay of Eborios)
• Around the central region of the island in Adamas, Agioi Anargyri, Katsaronas, Zefiria, Paliohori and Paleohori bay, kiriaki bay, bay of geraka, Provatas village and provatas bay, Hivadolimni village and up to Agia Marina orthodox monastery.
How to make a safe buggy tour in Milos Island and what about an off road tour with a buggy in Milos.
• Do stay awake, concentrated and don’t let yourself be distracted at any time while driving a buggy.
• Don’t forget to turn on /shut off your turn signal before/after completing a turn.
• Don’t drive drunked.
• Don’t block traffic.
• Do drive as far to the right side of the roads as possible.
• Do be absolutely sure that your buggy has all necessary equipment and works properly, and also having lights and bell.
• Drive in a buggy line if exists.
• Don’t attempt to overpass other vehicles or participate in races with other vehicles.
• There are families with kids, children and adults that walking or bicycling along the streets and roads in the island of Milos, so please be courteous, respectful, and visible in these situations as well.
• Don’t drive your buggy within any sandy beach in Milos or within any river, seaside or rocky area.
• Call immediately our car rental company for any reason that you have an accident or any unexpected and not ordinary circumstances.
Rent a buggy from our buggy rental company and have fun…!!!

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